Top ten 2012 ridiculous acts by PF

1 As poor as Zambia is, with no known oil reserves, the president in his self-proclaimed ‘wisdom’ and desperation to appease, donates 5 million litres of fuel to Malawi, who smartly sells it to stabilize their own stock, while we subsequently suffer shortages – all in the name of Zambian tradition called ‘help mourners and starve’.
2. After blasting the Army for not being serious, the Commander in chief finds time for a siesta in uniform – How ironic or is it proving his point?
3. PF government decides to offer vacation to a Malawian judge at taxpayers’ expense, shamelessly refusing to swallow their own pride and expose their stupidity – Judge ‘Chikopo’.
4. The president refuses to launch Chinsali – Chama road projects – Which cabinet meetings have you been chairing Mr. President?
5. Amidst load shedding challenges and power generation shortfalls, PF appoint a ritualist Fr. Bwalya to the ZESCO board – What’s blood have to do with it?
6. Police firing tear gas at HH, his supporters and ……eh themselves within their premises in a police building, – we didn’t know they had suicide gassers over there.
7. Kabimba, with just over one year in office, the Secretary General is delusional and claims Zambian want one party state – crap coming out of the wrong end.
8. The post newspaper in their desperate intention to discredit a globally respected statesman, Rupiah Banda, publishes a fictitious home break-in story – Is it the ’Post newspaper’ or ‘Tales from Bwijimfumu’.
9. First lady finds guts to engage in debate over an office she doesn’t hold – Even simple logic eludes educated doctors these days.
10. With all the valid criticism and debate PF can only go as far as the phrase ‘bitter’.
By Richard Waga

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