Tortoise ‘hired’ to deliver Namulambe’s warning

MPONGWE District Commissioner (DC) Miniver Mutesa and Mpongwe Central ward councillor Benjamin Chilufya yesterday received threats on their lives in form of an open letter which was attached to a tortoise.
The open letter, which was written in Bemba and English languages using a suspected female handwriting, accused the duo of allegedly orchestrating a campaign against area Member of Parliament (MP) Gabriel Namulambe.
Ms Mutesa and Police sources in Mpongwe, who confirmed the incident, said the letter was fixed to the tortoise, which also had a stone attached to it while placed in an empty 25-kilogramme fertiliser bag and left at Ms Mutesa’s entrance to her yard.
Ms Mutesa, who resides at house number HH 1 in Mpongwe’s Turbine residential area, said in a telephone interview that she was informed by her neighbours around 09:30 hours in the morning about the presence of the tortoise.
She said after seeing the tortoise and the letter, she immediately rushed to the police where she reported the matter and two police officers were assigned to handle the case.
When the police arrived at the scene, they read the letter together before the police collected the bag containing the tortoise.
The letter read in Bemba: ‘‘Iwe Miniver Mutesa na councillor Benjamin Chilufya mube nao careful uyu Gabriel Namulambe ali kwata abanankwe abengi mu Zambia na mu Tanzania mwachepa sana” (You Miniver Mutesa and councillor Benjamin Chilufya, be careful with Gabriel Namulambe, he has a lot of friends in Zambia and Tanzania. You are too small).
Ms Mutesa narrated that the letter suggested that Ms Mutesa and Mr Chilufya should be careful because they might find themselves dropping dead by January 11, 2010 if they were not careful.
Ms Mutesa said she was not scared or shaken by the threats on her life, which she described as being sent by people with ill intentions.
Mpongwe police could not give details on the matter.
Courtesy of Times of Zambia

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