Tourist Edgar Lungu expected to tour Kenya today

Fresh from being booed in Zimbabwe last week, Zambia’s number one tourist Edgar Lungu is in Kenya today to attend President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inauguration.
Former President Rupiah Banda is part of Lungu’s delegation which started trooping into Kenya on Sunday.
Kenyatta is a product of a historically violent election for his first term in office and his second term now is highly disputed by the opposition. The first round of elections was nullified by the Supreme Court due to fraud. The main opposition boycotted the second round in which about 37 percent of voters participated from the over 80 percent who took part in the first round.
Security has been tightened in the capital, Nairobi, as opposition supporters are expected to protest. The ceremony will cost an estimated 300 million Kenyan Shillings,
Police officers have been recalled from other regions of Kenya to beef up security in Nairobi.
Lungu has made it a point to attend every presidential inauguration on the African continental. If Al shabaab was to have an inauguration the man would fly into Somali to attend.

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