Tourist Edgar Lungu going to Egypt tomorrow

Tourist Edgar Lungu is tomorrow expected in Egypt for a three day ‘working’ visit, Zambia’s Ambassador to Egypt Major General Topply Lubaya confirmed from Cairo yesterday.
During the tour Lungu will visit Suez Canal Fisheries establishment to ‘learn’ about fisheries from a largely desert country with only one major river, the Nile. Zambia on the other hand has over 40 percent of water resources in Southern Africa.
Ambassador Lubaya said Lungu is also going to ‘learn ‘about tourism and how the sector is flourishing in Egypt.
Lungu will also meet Zambians living in Egypt before returning home to prepare for his next international tour. He has now made over 50 international visits in less than 3 years.


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    enock Mukosha 2 months

    but when he doesn’t move you say he is sick like you said to Michael Sata.When he flies you criticise.You ‘ll die in envy!

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    Mwebe mutale 2 months

    He operates in the air. He is scared of sleeping in state house.

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    Abdu 2 months

    The one who walk bring the legs of the lion. Kkkkk

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    Tasila Phiri 2 months

    Let his challenger plane sink in Mediterranean Sea so Zambians can have peace

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      lungu neno 2 months

      No I think let the batteries of the aircraft go flat so no one will be available to push it in the air.

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    Dennis 2 months

    Why does he move like this ? Can’t he deligate so we can have some money remaining in the already empty coffers?

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    kkabompo 2 months

    nicknamed “lungu 747” for his liking to air travels….