Tourists cancel trips to Zambia

Tourists cancel trips to Zambia

More than 80 per cent of tourist who were scheduled to visit Zambia this month have cancelled their trips due to the state of emergency.

On Wednesday, Zambian dictator Edgar Lungu declared a state of emergency but gave it a different name but said police will be arresting people anyhow and detaining them for long periods without giving them reasons or taking them to court.

On Tuesday, a day before declaring the state of emergency, Lungu said he would be a dictator and that people’s freedoms will be curtailed.

But barely a day after the state of emergency was declared, tourist facilities especially in Livingstone have experienced unprecedented cancellations.

‘Just last night and this morning, 12 tourists who had booked to stay here and set to arrive this weekend have cancelled,’ said one service provider.

According to affected tourist operators, the reason given by tourists is that they don’t feel safe to travel Zambua right now.

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