Toxic fumes in Mufulira

Toxic fumes in Mufulira

Good afternoon ba watchdog, kindly post for us and please help us here in mufulira kankoyo.

For a long time, we have been crying over the issue of sulphur that is daily realised from the mines.
Over the past years, we have been seen few government officials coming in to check the status of the land of kankoyo all they do is give us hope of which we don’t see any changes but the problem gets worse daily.

About last week, a high sulphur contained gass was released it burnt trees instantly as seen on the pictures..
People have been called for various meetings and various talks have been done but nothing changes.
Many houses here more especially section C the small houses just near the mine have various cracks, most of the roofing sheets have been badly destroyed by the same.
Now if trees and roofing sheets can be this damaged whats happening to our health??
All these damages has for many years remained uncompasated despite many cries from the residents..
Take a close look at the pictures and see it for your selves..

Who will surely hear our cries? Why has the government forsaken us as if we are animals?
These mines makes alot money while our families are in bad health conditions and we always suffer from polluted air every day..

Please, help us this story is not new..

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