Trade Kings accused of stealing Rail line clips

Trade Kings accused of stealing Rail line clips

Trade Kings will soon cause Railway line, Train catastrophe.

There is urgent need to investigate Trade Kings and it’s subsidiaries and their agents scrap metal dealers.

There is a company in Kafue called Universal Steel which is owned by the Trade Kings group that is sending thieves to rip and remove Pando Clips from the Railway line and selling them to Trade Kings. This is currently more profitable than stealing and selling Zesco wires. The Zambia Railways infrastructure is in a mess. Do not be surprised if you hear that a fatal railway accident happened in Kafue.

This matter has been reported to relevant authorities under PF but instead the police just went to collect bribes from Trade Kings and ripping off the rail line has continued up to this day. The main culprit here is Trade Kings. By proving a ready market for the clips, Trade Kings is encouraging this theft. It’s a pity that Trade Kings through Kafue Universal steel can be buying clips stolen from government when they know fully well that those clips are only found on the Rail line. Some of these businesses with close ties to government officials are a danger to the country,


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    Mai Chibwe 6 days ago

    It Seems that Zambia has the same issues as we have in Zimbabwe, despite having been independent longer and had time to sort the corruption issues out. In Zimbabwe the government is the biggest enemy of the state. Both our countries need to change this. A government needs to be working for the national interest. We are both working for China’s interest at present. Our leaders even bank in China and go to China for medical attention.

    The rot is getting deeper.

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    Daniel 1 week ago

    Where are the investigative wings please. Some of these companies have done grievous harm to Zambia and of course they have nothing to lose and they don’t care because its in there interest to keep Zambia down and reap it in every way. Be it tax evasion through corruption. I investigative wings will be brought back to life soon.

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    Mwamona Nomba 1 week ago

    Tbere is also Luansya railway. line we need justice, that former MP needs to be investigated. This economic sabotage.

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    Mercury 1 week ago

    Trade Kings has always acted above the law, from political influence peddling and corruption at the Ministry of Mines Ito licence awards!  A truly sad Company.

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    Chipola Kuyanda 1 week ago

    This is a sad development and should be brought under control as a nation we cannot afford to have such a situation where Universal Chemicals knows very well that the clips being sold are stolen from Zambia railways Limited. In all fairness the company is supposed to put up a mechanism in its buying policy that certain materials can not be bought from dealers with certificate of originality. There is one question whose answers are still remote. Who ripped off the Ndola-Luanshya railway line? We want to know because by then we had functioning govt.