Traditional leaders reject PF candidate for Kapoche

Chieftainess Nyanje of  Sinda District has rejected PF Parliamentary candidate for Kapoche Constituency. According to the Chieftainess’ spokesperson Induna Bwindi, the establishment does not want Elias Daka widely known as Elibo to stand in Kapoche because he is a “foreigner” as he hails from Petauke Central where he has been rejected.
The Induna has also disclosed that the royal establishment does not want anything to do with the current MP Nicholas Daka who is Local Government Deputy Minister though belonging to the defunct MMD.
Further, the Induna said the establishment does also not want PF Member of Central Committee Charles Banda because he did nothing, apart from filling his pockets,  when he served as an MP earlier own.
Elias Daka commonly known as Elibo who is the owner of Radio Explorer in Petauke has been the PF Petauke Central Chairperson for sometime and never saw eye to eye with Energy Minister Dora Siliya. When the Supreme Court allowed Siliya to recontest her seat after it was nullified for gross corruption, Daka applied to contest the seat under PF but PF adopted Siliya and promised Elias Daka that he would be adopted in 2016. Typical of Donchi Kubeba of the PF, Daka has now been dribbled and dumped in Kapoche where the Chieftainess says he is a stranger.

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