‘Traffic cops in Livingstone too corrupt’

  • Editor

    Allow me to register my shocking disappointment at the levels of corruption and harassment that livingstone residents are subjected to by zambia police traffic officers.

    I can confirm to you that Police stations especially Dambwa central Police are stinking with corruption. These officers are either demon possessed or too intoxicated with power. They have no regard for human rights and right of motorist, they detained citizens wrongly even on offinces that are not detainable if at all they could even prove them wrong. Under threat of jail cell, ignorance or duress suspects are forced to accept a wrong even when there is no wrong committed.
    They are very confrontational and mostly very drunk and uncompromising. This must not continue something should be done. I saw three officers physically assorting the taxi driver whilst dragging him into jail cell.

    I have identified amongst other an officer by the name of Akalutu from Dambwa. One wonders what the anti corruption commission does livingstone because the entire livingstone is stinking of corruption.

    Something must be done here otherwise residents will revolt some day.


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