Traffic Police should stop abusing PSV drivers


During the run up to the 2013 Christmas day, I used public transport after a very long time. The Toyota Hiace I jumped on was heading to town from Mass Media. So as we approached the junction at PACRA offices I noticed traffice police officers on eithe side of the road, ocassionally jumping on the lanes and pulling off vehicles. Once we go to the check point, our driver was asked to pull over.

Moments later, a different officer jumped on board and ordered that all the passengers be dumped at the next drop off.

I quickly asked the officer what offence the driver had committed when he stayed mute for a few seconds. He then said that the driver failed to obey traffic regulations. Clearly, the Hiace was in pretty shape with both the fitness and road tax clearly displayed. Just less than 10 passengers on board. The driver was in uniform and was driving smoothly.

On an ordinary day I am very critical of the PSV drivers but on this ocassion I decided to defend our driver. So I told the officer that the driver had done nothing wrong and that the officer was being unfair to him thereby inconvinincing his passengers.

I wondered why out of the many traffic regulations the officer was unable to cite atleast one that the driver had contravened. He then turned to me and made several threats. He got mad at me for being the only one that was asking him questions. When I asked him what his name was he verbally abused me and promised to put me in custody for the Christmas holiday. I wasn’t moved an inch but asked him what charge goes with demanding to know a public offer’s name. By now he was trying to take me along with the driver.

Thank God I managed to identify the overjealous officer as MANSA NKOLE based at Long Acres Police. My appeal to relevant authoroties is to discipline the likes of Mansa Nkole. The next time you see an officer abusing a PSV driver please speak out. This rot is real but it should not be tolerated.
Why are these officers so passionate about the public transport sector? Something tells me I should not rest until Nkole is convincingly censured!

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