Training chiefs in 7 languages only

Dear Editor,
Firstly please withhold my name for obvious reasons.
I was shocked when I read the Post Newspaper of February, 4 on page 9
in relation to the training of Chiefs as Peace Advocates in 7 local
languages. The so called local language devil, it seems, has already
started being used as criteria in important matters.How on earth can
chiefs be trained in 7 languages only, and be peace advocates?What
peace is she talking about when she is aware that demeaning other
languages is in itself a conflict? How can you want to have my chief
hold a meeting in Chibombo and address us in Bemba, instead of
Lenje?How many will hear him passionately, and what is so special with
Bemba? Am extremely disappointed that Prof Luo is so drunk with PF’s
quest to promote Bemba,that she is deliberately ignoring the fact that
PF is igniting and rewinding tribal conflicts in our nation.I did not
take HH  for seriousness on his comments regarding this tribal issue
until now.He was so true.It is now very clear that this is PF’s demean other languages.Let me humbly get it to you that
the writing is on the wall, and you dont seem to understand the
interpretation there of.You are dividing the nation, period, and you
will never explain away these issues from our minds, never.Now that it
is clear that the PF ball game is tribal divisions, I urge the people
of Katuba to take the By Elections seriously, dont vote for a party
whose policy is to wipe out some of our languages from Zambia. Vote
for some one who will preserve Lenje in Katuba Constituency, finish.As
for you PF, you have already lost my vote in 2016 because of Luo’s
My appeal to the House of Chiefs Chairperson Senior Chieftainess
Nkomesha Mukamambo II
is that we have always known you to be fearless, you have always
spoken your mind on issues that affect your chiefdom…we are happy
that we have such a chieftainess. Please dont allow that nonsense in
the House of Chiefs, resist it passionately,it is a wrong thing. No
tribe is smaller than the other

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