Transformation woes at ZAWA

Dear Editor
Please speak on our behalf because we are afraid of victimization if we speak out and you are the only media we can use.
The Panga Family (PF) Government is full of lies.
I am an employee of the Zambia Wildlife Authority, which is being transformed into the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and has now adopted salary scales of the Public Security Service eg Zambia Police.
While this is a welcome move, the PF government has failed to align the salaries of the new department to the Police and other Government Ministries. WE WILL PROBABLY BE THE LOWEST PAID DEPARTMENT IN GOVERNMENT.
Wildlife Police Officers who are equal to the rank of Sergent in the Police Service are getting paid on PSS15 when in ZP the constable is in PSS12. Those who are equal to Superintendent in ZP (Rangers in ZAWA) are in PSS11 which is the salary of a Sergent in ZP.
Even the officers with the same rank within ZAWA who were on the same salary grades are now getting different salary scales but same rank.
The government is also silent on what will happen to our leave days and pension contributions that where being paid to the professional insurance pension scheme as we understand that we will only need to contribute to NAPSA for our pension.
The question is what is the PF’s policy direction on salary alignments within the government?
Are the rhetoric announcements of Government of the peoplel by the PF just to woe voters?
If you are really a listening government as you claim to be, then give us the correct salary scales and stop exploiting our silence.
We know that PSS15 which you have given to the Wildlife Police Officers is no longer in use in the Police Service.
We are the backbone of Conservation and Tourism in Zambia, stop frustrating us before we form cartels and syndicates to sale wildlife products. YES WE CAN.

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