Travellers stranded as Choma runs out of fuel completely

Choma district is Southern Province has been hit by a critical shortage of petrol with all the four
filling stations running dry.
The commodity is only available on the black market where the price has skyrocketed with a 20 litres container selling at K 240,000 from the official price of K 163,000, implying that a litre of the commodity is fetching K12, 000 instead of the usual K8, 155.
A survey by ZANIS in Choma has revealed that nearly all the filling stations ran out of petrol last week.
Filling station attendants talked to said they did not know when the fuel situation would normalize.
As a result of this situation, some motorists transiting through Choma from either Lusaka or Livingstone and surrounding districts of Namwala and Sinazongwe are getting stranded in Choma especially those who cannot afford the inflated price of the commodity on the black market.
This has also resulted in some taxi operators parking their vehicles as they cannot afford the high cost of fuel on the black-market.
And illegal fuel vendors who have taken advantage of the shortage are making briskly business.
The vendors are sourcing the commodity from the border town of Livingstone and it is believed the fuel could be imported.

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