Travelogue: Journey to the west through the bush Sata calls districts

There is a saying in Bemba that “Umwana ushenda atasha Nyina Ukunaya” . When translated this means that a child who does not travel rates his or mother as the best cook. I hope my Bemba is correct.

Between 15 and 17 of March 2014, I was on a tour of duty to Western Province to of course cover the funeral of the Litunga’s wife the Queen Mother and also to investigate the January 2011 Mongu Riots orchestrated by one Michael Chilufya Sata while in opposition and one Fred Mmembe.

That aside since most if not all of you have already read that story. I will also not dwell on how I travelled lest I’m identified. I will however dwell on President Michael Sata’s creation of districts.


For those who may not know Western Province Very well, before Sata smoked his weed and created districts, from Lusaka to Mongu there was only Mumbwa and Kaoma Districts in between. With the coming of Sata sice he has nothing to do, he created Shibuyunji District in between Lusaka and Mumbwa and created Nkemeya District in between Mumbwa and Kaoma.


If you have never been to Mumbwa District, you may appreciate and support the creation of Shibuyunji District but if you travel and have been to Mumbwa, then you will agree with me that Shibuyunji does not deserve to be a district because there is nothing there. It is simply a bush.

I tell you in Shibunji you may appreciate those people who say President Sata is insane. The only criteria Sata took into consideration to declare Shibuyunji as a District is because that is where the Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba hails from.

No wonder the national budget is under serious strain. No wonder Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda can not manage the economy. This bush has people who are drawing salaries as civil servants. Surely how do you pay salaries for people purporting to be working when they are not? Any district has on its establishment a number of employees including District Intelligence Officer, District Agriculture Officer, District Information Officer, District Medical Officer, District Commissioner and may others. These offices have a number of support staff not less than ten. Now that we have established that Shibuyunji is a bush, who is drawing salaries for these officers?


Nkemeya is between Kafue National Park last gate and Kaoma. It is in between a place called TBZ and Kaoma. My fellow Zambians, Nkemeya is worse that Shibuyunji. There is nothing to call a district. Nothing. Completely nothing. The only structure which is there is an office with a Zambian flag written “Nkemeya District Council” with a Brand New Nissan Hard Boy in GRZ number plate parked. The office building itself as big as the size of an ablution block for a community school in a shanty compuond in Lusaka.

From Kaoma is just five minutes drive then you are in Sata’s Nkemeya District. The only distinctive feature you will see for you to know that you are no longer in Kaoma but have entered a new district is a wooden barrier. The minders of this barrier sleep in a thatched house constructed out of poles from Kafue National Park. To put it straight, Nkemeya is just a Game Management Area. Kwena Sata awe Mwandi. Are those districts sure or they were just created as conduits to defraud Zambians of the little resources?


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