Treacherous journalist Mboozi withdraws case against M’membe

Treacherous journalist Mboozi withdraws case against M’membe

– Hope M’membe and other victims sue this ka idiot for malicious prosecution and he must pay the money they spent on lawyers

– We told this Ka Abel Mboozi that he was being  used by PF and will be dumped in due course

-Crooked Lawyer Lewis Mosho who used ka Abel is not picking his desperate phone calls

Former Post junior reporter Abel Mboozi has withdrawn a case where he dragged Dr Fred M’membe to court for allegedly concealing company properties, among other offences, because he has no money to pay lawyers prosecuting the case and for ‘peace of mind’.
Mboozi told magistrate Simusamba that he had decided to withdraw the case because he wanted to have peace.

Private prosecutor Rabson Malipenga called the case scheduled for commencement of trial but submitted that he had received instructions from Mboozi to withdraw the case.

Malipenga said the application was pursuant to section 201 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Mboozi then took to the stand and confirmed that it was his firm position that he was withdrawing the case on account that he had challenges with legal fees for his attorneys.

“It’s my firm position that I am withdrawing the matter on account that I have challenges with legal fees for my attorneys and then that I just want peace, I submit,” said Mboozi.
Magistrate Simusamba allowed the application and acquitted M’membe.
In this case, Dr M’membe, who is Post Newspapers (in liquidation) managing director, was also accused of personating as an officer of The Post, disobeying lawful orders, concealing of property of Post Newspapers Limited and preventing the production of books or papers relating to the affairs of the company.
According to the complaint, Mboozi alleged that Dr M’membe committed the offences between November 1, 2016 and February 2017.

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