RB’s immunity removed

Parliament has finally voted to remove former president Rupiah Banda’s immunity. But only 87 MPs took part in the voting as most opposition MPs walked out in protest. There are 159 MPs in the Zambian parliament.

At 19 hours local time, MPs from the ruling party who remained in the House cast the vote electronically with 80 voting in favour while 3 opposed.  Four did not vote.

Earlier, Given Lubinda supported the motion as he spoke for the first time since being convicted of treacherous behaviour by PF.

Lubinda promises to enjoy his Jin and Tonic beer tonight as part of his celebrations on the lifting of RB’s immunity.

He said the position taken is good for the people of Zambia because it is good for the country. Lubinda is famous for his treacherous conduct like leaking information.

But UPND’s Muntanga says the whole arrangement will just benefit the police and others who will get money for investigations as the case is very weak.

Request Muntanga and other opposition MPs earliar walked out but returned to oppose the motion. He said from the allegations that issues to do with campaign materials will also end PF in jail.

Mr. Muntanga said he expected more from the mover of the motion than merely unregulated campaign materials.

He said he now suspects that even the PF is heavily involved in stealing state money for campaign materials.

According to Mr. Muntanga, he is not sure where the money is hidden based on the dossier presented by Wynter Kabimba yet under Levy Mwanawasa, these things were clear.

He said he is  worried to remove immunity when there is no sufficient grounds yet once the motion is removed, it cannot be restored.


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