Treacherous PF candidate for Itezhi Tezhi campaigning for HH

Treacherous PF candidate for Itezhi Tezhi campaigning for HH


Agriculture deputy minister Greyford Monde, smelling embarrassing defeat, has suddenly disowned his party’s presidential candidate Edgar Lungu.

He is now campaigning for UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema in Itezhi tezhi.

Monde, who was UPND’s Itezhi tezhi MP but was expelled from the party after accepting a deputy ministerial position from the PF government, is going round Itezhi tezhi telling voters that they must vote for him as MP and Hakainde Hichilema for president.
“He came to address us and said the PF and Edgar Lungu are failures and cannot fulfil their promises. He said for MP we must retain him and vote for HH for president because the PF and its leader Edgar Lungu lied that they would release money for works on the Itezhi tezhi road,” an employee at Build Trust, a construction company working on the D769 road said.

The employee, who sought anonymity, said Monde has been denouncing Lungu in Itezhi tezhi saying “our president Hakainde Hichilema is coming into office and will make sure the road project is finished unlike this one (Lungu) who is failing to fund projects in Central, North Western, Western and Southern provinces.”
The source said Build Trust General manager Martin Chikoti was present at one of the meetings where Monde uttered such a statement.
“This guy has realised that there is nothing the PF has done for Itezhi tezhi and its mostly farming community and can never win on the PF ticket,” added the source.

Monde says the PF has borrowed over US$8 billion and has not spent a cent in Southern, Central, North Western and Western provinces.

Monde has promised the people of Itezhi Tezhi that once returned to parliament he would work closely with HH to ensure the local youths are employed by Syno Hydro the company constructing a power station in Itezhi tezhi.

He said it is a shame that the government has allowed the Chinese company to employ people from as far as Nakonde at the expense of the locals.

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