Trending joke on baboon that caused power outage in Livingston

Urgent! We wish to distance ourselves from the act of sabotage that was committed on the ZESCO power lines/
transmitter in Livingstone. The suspect was acting alone and we were not aware of anything until we received an official complaint from ZESCO management. However, as Bemba royal establishment through the MwineLubemba foundation , we will not allow our dearest brother/
father,Mr Baboon Chipasha to suffer the consequences alone. We are making arrangements to have him represented by one of the best lawyers in the land as soon as he’s discharged from hospital.
By the spokesman;
Bemba royal establishment.
Cc: Paromount Chief Mpezeni
Chief Madzimawe
Chief Gawa Undi


  • nice one. you have made my day.

  • nice one. you have made my day.

  • Man over all men, he has the right to bost he slept in zesco power station ,still alive 50,000 homes had no power, how many birds were resurrected when the tree slept at memorial park for 7years?

  • YES We demand his immediate release and refund for his injuries. because he was working on damaged power supply

  • Remember in the 90s there was one baboon which used steal loaves bread only from women(Milner)

  • very mischievious animal although bembas eat it?

  • Do u need to be known worldwide? jst do morethan wat a bemba man did,(mr baboon)

  • He is an Engineer naimwe. He was trying to do some repairs

  • For this reason, we call on ZAWA to issue free hunting licenses for baboons and monkeys to avoid inconveniencing the tax payers, farmers and voters in future….

  • The Baboon was an employee of zesco. Hes a bush electrician and he knows how to opperate switchgears only that he went for work drunk..

  • We are waiting for a statement from “Collins the president”

  • This one seems to be a good friend to MUKUNI.

  • Thank God it was not a human being he was going straight to prison by the way did the baboon die?

  • Ni advert of the bembas

  • Boi See this One Notorious B.I.G 😀 😀 Jon A. Chiwala

  • kikikkikiki..!! nice one.

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    John 6 months

    Bwana Baboon, tell the truth, who sent you to damage the electrical cables and did you get paid or are you a scapegoat for some other culprit. Get well soon and we will send the top Lawers to defend you because pf are are going to make you the new MP

  • Maybe They Were Filming planet of Apes 4
    In Zambia,who Knows

  • He is a branch manager kkkkk

  • hello am bishop williams by name am a member of the great illuminati brotherhood will you like to be rich and famous in life? whatsapp now + 2348103117744

  • if u ask mbwili,u hear its global. now he’s quiet

  • where on earth? This baboon is not happy please all reporters go and find out and tell us what happened we need a comprehensive report

  • i think the government should just look for a house where this baboon should be kept.they should be giving him food.and then invite tourists to come and visit this baboon because the issue has reached all corners of the world.i think by doing so zambia will earn a lot of income.

  • Meaning animals there also burning some buildings making us to suffer

  • Please sentence baboon to death

  • Awh I’M DEAD LOL

  • Iam sure mr Baboon will be represented by the best law brains from Namwanga tribe where the country boasts of very good Lawyers

  • Please Bembaz, find good and expensive lawyers only from Eastern province, eg Julius sakala, enerst sakala, Patrick mvunga, Justice ngulube and many others they have the solution to this matter

  • which arm of govt will handle this case of arson….quick recovery mr Baboon

  • Baboon Association of Zambia, BAZ president protested for immediate RELEASE of political prisoners coz human beings are denied fundamental human rights

  • He is a pf member sent to deliver a letter to Dr Hamukale to attend pf central commitee indaba in Lusaka by a known cabinet minister. But he was not given enough money to pay for his accomodation at Mosiotunya hotel so he decided to go up to sleep in a tree without knowing zesco cables mostly pass through trees and while he was asleep up there he accidentally rested tail on zesco live wire and provoked and this wire badly burnt him and we he he no tail now and is un able to sit coz batakos were also terribly burnt , he cried and cried but no pf suporter wanted to rescue this gentleman. it is very sad indeed but we hear his condition is stable but he needs agent prayers though he is a moslam like some person but of late we hear he had to too much booze and he has not been going to the Mosque .

  • Kikikiki