Trending joke on baboon that caused power outage in Livingston

Urgent! We wish to distance ourselves from the act of sabotage that was committed on the ZESCO power lines/
transmitter in Livingstone. The suspect was acting alone and we were not aware of anything until we received an official complaint from ZESCO management. However, as Bemba royal establishment through the MwineLubemba foundation , we will not allow our dearest brother/
father,Mr Baboon Chipasha to suffer the consequences alone. We are making arrangements to have him represented by one of the best lawyers in the land as soon as he’s discharged from hospital.
By the spokesman;
Bemba royal establishment.
Cc: Paromount Chief Mpezeni
Chief Madzimawe
Chief Gawa Undi



  • Animals in Zambia are going too far..First it was poppy taking part in assaulting that lady recently caught doing chigololo and now this baboon..Is there article 31 for animals??.

  • I can’t stop laughing. You have added more years life.Monkeys should also behave mwe.

  • Mr kapyongo said anyone found closer to the polls of electricity will be arrested, that baboon he even touch the cables.

  • yapwalala ndiyo ya kolwe ku ICU . endesheni guys ifintu ni bwangu . tafimonekamoneka ifya so .osachedwa mwebanthu Bro Kelvin Mulenga Chibwe Newton Dorothy Kameko Gift Chanda Davise Musonda Osward Mumbi

  • keep on with the same stories atleast ,kkkkk avutika mbuya.


  • pliz mwebantu how can kampyo accuse the monkey sure. WTF…….

  • Hello am bishop Umoh by name am a member of the great Illuminati brotherhood will you like to be rich and famous in life?

  • good part of this joke no insults from Bembas , is it that they are more mature than some tribes who are the kings of Facebook

  • This is the works of the opposition parties, someone must be locked up.

  • Maybe he would like to stand for President!!!?!

  • Please, please that thing is highly admired here by my servants the “Bembas”. Just send it over here they will appreciate napapata.

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  • Please Someone From Zawa To Present The Accused And Perpetrators Of Sabortage,mr Baboon Deserve To Representation By Zawa Lawyers.Inonge,kampyongo And Lungu,here Is A Baboon Tarnishing Your Govt Into Bad Face Localy And Internationaly.

  • our neighbours at falls zesco compound they dont even fear dogs very intelligent continue trying one day you produce md kuzesco

  • Any follow up press release from the Kola foundation?

  • hahahahahahahhaa koma nikupusa uku Ronald Banda Austin Goonified Ng’ambi Henry T-spice Banda Wiza Ngambi

  • Sikanawame mpwii!!!!!!

  • Baboon Blackout Other Parts Of Zambia,when Did It Happened,please What Charge The Baboon Will Be Charged By Police (pf).

  • This is what GBM can do, hiring his tribesman to come & destroy ZESCO installations. pray that he recovers otherwise the Bemba Royal Establishment wont let u go unpunished for causing the death of your own relative.

  • Hope it will treated as a local terrorist. Kikikikk

  • Kkkkk ni tombwe kanshi or bbalani mmmmmmmmm

  • After discharge from ICU put him in custody no police bond or bail until we convict him on a special braii ( Mukobeko a death sentence by hanging)

  • Mr.Baboon Chipasha deserves leniency as a first offender and being remorseful

  • Ne konta lyakolwe lya li fulwa.

  • For the first time in the history of zd for a baboon to be a zesco employee .lesa mukululu strange things that are happening. Elyo tepa zd fye worldwide this is latest globally. Apanga eshina uyu baboon nizeee

  • Imwe…….lol…

  • Nxt i Want to Hear frm De Philly Forky(pf) Is,De Baboon Arrested & Charged Wiz Treason!!!!!!!

  • My be even kabwe general hospital

  • Some Bemba chap told me the baboon is a UPND Cadre wanting to please it’s pay masters! ! thus will be charged with treason

    • that baboon is pf cader, wait it wont be charged with any act of sabotage…!

    • Benneth Ma’ma Kikikikiki….lets wait and see!! its total comedy. If it was a human being, it was going to be evocation of article 30

  • this baboon should b interrogated, he’s the one that gutted city market

  • Please my mouth is too small to lough

  • Even animals knows these areas?kkkkkk!!!!!

  • Were is th braai stand we toast mr Baabs

  • Not meant for outsiders to comment. A tribal affair between the concerned parties. We back off.

  • Kikkkkkkuiii sorry allow me to laugh

  • kkkk ba pf particularly kapyongo, here z a perpetrator, can u deal with it accordingly and bring it to book, u said all perpetrator shall brought to book.

  • Night made

  • Chipasha Mubanga

  • Even animals are calling to free HH

  • This baboon will be sentenced to death by bembas its burial is a bemba neighbour was saliveting when he saw it on tv.

  • This baboon will be sentenced to death by bembas its burial is a bemba neighbour was saliveting when he saw it on tv.

  • He’s heavily guarded to witness his turning back into a human being!!!!!

  • you will distance yourself when your comrade is discharged from intensive care unit as for now bembas are responsible