Treason: Lungu, Mosho and the illegal $500m Zesco guarantee

Treason: Lungu, Mosho and the illegal $500m Zesco guarantee


While others are eating and boozing at the Den of Thieves (State House) celebrating the African Freedom Day, Zambia Watchdog report how President Edgar Lungu committed treason and defrauded the Citizens of Zambia of US 500 million through Zesco Limited.


Lungu committed treason by signing a US500 million sovereign debt on behalf of Zesco because by the time he was signing, UPND had petitioned Lungu’s election in the Constitution Court.

The Zambian constitution states that Lungu was supposed to hand over instruments of power to the Speaker of National Assembly. THE FRAUD. The US 500 million sovereign was given to a company called Stag Africa Renewable Energy Zambia Limited.

This company which was formed on July 22. 2015, some few months after Edgar Lungu succeeded Late President Michael Sata is owned by Lungu’s friend and crooked Lawyer Lewis Chisanga Mosho of National Registration Card number 240902/66/1 together with Energy expert Johnstone Chikwanda, a South African conman Farouk Moosa who owns Stag Energy Africa in South Africa and a Mr. Kennedy Silwamba. However, before Stag was formed, Mr. Mosho and his tandem of thieves first registered a company called Galaxy Lighting Technologies Zambia Limited. This time around, they did not include Kennedy Silwamba. This company was formed on 09 July. 2015.

The physical address according to documents obtained by Zambia Watchdog from the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) is the same. Plot 758 Independence Avenue, Woodlands, Lusaka is where Mr. Mosho’s company Lewis and Nathan Associates is domiciled.

WHY GALAXY LIGHTING?. The reason why President Edgar Lungu’s partners in theft first registered Galaxy was because the money Zesco was to raise from the loan was supposed to be used on the procurement of Energy Saving Bulbs. Zesco was supposed to get US350million through Stag Energy and give it back to Stag Energy though a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) which is Galaxy to procure Energy Saving Bulbs and be supplied back to Zesco for you Zambians to start buying. Zesco in return through the Minister of Energy was supposed to issue a Statutory Instrument to ban the importation and selling of any bulb that was not supplied by Edgar Lungu’s compatriots. The remaining US 150 million was to be shared among themselves including Mr. Victor Mundende the Zesco Managing Director, a Mr. Kambole the Head of Procurement at Zesco, the Minister of Energy and some officials from the Ministry of Justice who were to prepare the Statutory Instrument (SI) among others. Mr. Johnstone Chikwanda who was then board chairperson for Indeni and had links to the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) was supposed to make sure that the regulator made sure that the SI was adhered to. The company Galaxy is currently supplying energy saving bulbs to Zesco. The tender for companies to express interest in the supply of these energy saving bulbs was not advertised anywhere. Mr. Kambole and Mr. Mundende single sourced Stag Energy. See attached documents. Happy African Freedom Day while Edgar Lungu and his fellow Minions fatten themsleves.

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