Trial and Error: govt changes position on 4th mobile company within a week

A few days ago, Communication Minister Yafwa Mukanga  issued a statement that government will soon lift the ban  that  limits the number of mobile providers to three.

But Sunday, 08 January 2012, Mukanga told government controlled ZNBC that the moratorium will not be lifted now.

He said a fourth mobile phone service provider will not be invited into Zambia until the sale of Zamtel shares to LAP green of Libya is resolved.

The three mobile service providers currently operating in the country are CelL Z operated by Zamtel, MTN and Airtel.

Mukanga told ZNBC that the PF-Government wants to resolve the impasse surrounding Zamtel before a fourth mobile provider is invited to operate in Zambia.

The Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Zambia Consumers Association called on government to reverse the law that restricts entry of a fourth mobile service operator.

The two Associations argue that the larger the number of players on the market the better for consumers.

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