Trial of lawyer Mushipe starts with criminal Shakafuswa as state witness

Trial of lawyer Mushipe starts with criminal Shakafuswa as state witness

The persecution of Lusaka based lawyer Martha Mushipe has started in the magistrate court with disgruntled state witness Ephraim Shakafuswa saying he was tasked to disturb peace in the country through violence.

shakafuswaMushipe was arrested for defending UPND members who were being indiscriminately arrested by PF police towards the elections last year but was given trumped up charge of seditious practice. This was aimed at silencing her so that the police could harass opposition members without anyone representing them.

Ephraim Shakafuswa, who and his elder brother were at this time being expelled from the UPND decided to ‘help’ the PF fight Mushipe by giving the police ‘evidence’ and standing as witnesses in exchange for money and jobs.

In the court on Thursday the 44 year Ephraim Shakafuswa claimed that Mushipe convened a meeting to establish a crack squad to disturb peace in the country.

Shakafuswa told magistrate Felix Kaoma that at the meeting Mushipe tasked him and other people to disturb peace in the country through violence.

“I was among other people perceived to be radicals in the UPND who were called to an emergency meeting at the law firm owned by Ms Mushipe to form a task force on July 16, 2015,” claimed Shakafuswa.

He said Mushipe told the team of about 10 youths the task force was to be secret and unknown to the party but with the mandate of mobilising the youth across the country to commit violent acts. Who honestly can believe this shit???? The opposition party decides on such a serious project but the same party does not know about it????


He said the committee convened by Ms Mushipe also included Emmanuel Chilekwa and Clance Zulu.

Emmanuel Chilekwa is about 54 years and Shakafuswa himself is 44 so how can these be youths?

Shakafuswa said he and others were told the violence would serve as a sign of protest against the running of State affairs and infringements on the party’s president’s rights by the State through the police.

Shakafuswa pointed at some documents and claimed that they were among those distributed to them by Ms Mushipe during the meeting which was entitled ‘Strategy of Domination of PF against Opposition UPND 2015 – 2016 and Beyond’.

These papers were planted at Mushipe’s office by the PF police. There is no evidence that Mushipe authored them. Maybe it was even Shakafuswa who wrote them looking that the savage language used.

Shakafuswa earlier told the court that he is a businessman, former UPND Lusaka Province coordinator and the ‘Julius Malema of UPND president’.

The truth is that HH has no Julius Malema, whatever that means. We hope the court took cognisance that these are rumblings of a mad man whose ‘testimony’ should not be taken seriously.


As this photo shows,   Shakafuswas is a criminal who can not be relied upon. In this particular case, Shakafuswa was wanted by police for various offences including motor vehicle theft.

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