Tribal insults

The Editor

I think it is commendable that your reporting is indiscriminate and that you have persisted and refused to be silenced by those whose corrupt practices you continue expose.
The only concern is that whilst you supposedly monitor and moderate [individual] responses to your articles, it is very unfortunate that you persist in publishing tribal insults perpetuated by a very small number of your readers. There is no purchase in insulting each other along tribal lines – it’s distasteful and divisive. For some reason, this small group of individuals always seem to find a way to refer to the tribe, no matter what, or how serous the article is about.
Your paper has the potential of providing the much needed platform for ordinary Zambians to contribute and participate in discourses on the state of the country, but the quality of comments you persistently allow to be aired undoubtedly puts off many level headed Zambian nationals.
For your consideration
Maureen M Phiri

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