Tribalism backfires, Lungu forced to order PF to stop the evil project

Tribalism backfires, Lungu forced to order  PF to stop the evil project

After being roundly condemned, president Edgar Lungu has been forced to ask his Patriotic Front to stop tribalism and hate speech which the ruling party has subjected the country to in the past few months using government machinery and resources.

The PF under the supervision of Lungu has come to the conclusion that only tribalism will make them retain power having failed to deliver on most development promises, just look at the level of unemployment in the country, losses of existing jobs, now valueless Kwacha, failure to recruit soldiers despite calling for applications and making jobless youths spend money, the general cost of living, high inflation, loadshedding, expensive water and electrify (when it is not been shed), policy inconsistences, high level of corruption in every sector of the economy and level of leadership, shoddy works in the so called projects whereby roads crack before the cement dries, the huge internal and external debt (but PF continues borrowing for consumption) etc..

Looking at all these, the PF convened a meeting chaired by president Lungu where they resolved that promoting tribalism is the only way certain sections of society would vote for PF. See Lungu’s 24 evil plans against HH here.

But just after implementing the first phase of this evil, by sending Chishimba Kambwili and the devil Frank Bwalya to preach tribal hatred on TV and Radio, it has backfired. Even the people Lungu and his PF thought would support tribalism have openly rejected any attempts to divide Zambia on tribal lines. Congratulations Zambia. We can’t allow miserable politicians to divide us.

This has forced Lungu to ban his PF officials from promoting tribalism.
“Tribal talk should be banished; hate speech should be banished; this is how Rwanda found itself in problems,” Lungu said this at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka on Friday before he left for Namibia .
Frank Bwalya the devil, who is also PF deputy spokesperson told journalists after Lungu’s departure that;
“President Lungu has directed all PF members, especially senior members, to stop commenting on tribalism.
“This is because our members have been misconstrued and their statements misunderstood,” Father Bwalya said.

Exactly. The people of Zambia have rejected tribalism being pushed by PF. There is no misconstruing here; the people of Zambia might be docile but they are not dull. They know who is promoting tribalism. For the devil  Bwalya to say that, means there was a serious meeting where Lungu really complained how much the project has backfired.

But where does this leave Kambwili? For Lungu, he can always snake his way out like the hypocrite he has always been; put Kambwili in the forefront promting hatred between brother and brother  but issue a contrary statement when things go sour and gain political mileage out it.

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