Tribalism can effect even your family, GBM tells Lungu

UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has accused that the PF and President Edgar Lungu of trying to divide the nation in a bid to cling on to power.

Speaking during a press briefing at Mr Hichilema’s residence in New Kasama Mr Mwamba said that tribalism and regionalism has escalated since the PF took over the reigns of power.

He said the divide and rule strategy the PF is using is meant to maintain the hold on power and ensure that they continue reaping the country off.

He said most of the PF leaders were poor but five years after being in power most of them have amassed wealth whose source they can hardly explain.

He warned that if the PF continued in the path of tribalism no one will be able to manage it saying not even Edgar or his family will be spared from the ugly face of the scourge.

And Mr Mwamba has maintained the stance of his Party in claiming that they were robbed off victory by the PF in collusion with the ECZ.

He said his Party will fight for Zambians and that the party wont let the PF continue for the next five years because they are selfish individuals who do not have the best interest of the country at heart.

The claim by the UPND on the out come of the presidential poll is at variant with many local and foreign stakeholders who observed the elections including the EU observers, AU, the Church and many others who have said that the elections were free and fair.

The UPND has maintained that it would pursue the outcome of the election in the constitutional court.

GBM was flanked by Dr. Nevers Mumba and Andrew Banda. Conspicuously absent was Dr. Cannius Banda, UPND Vice President for Politics.

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