Tribalism characterise Lusaka PF district convention

Tribal bickering and confusion characterized the Lusaka District PF elections yesterday that saw ailing dictator Mulenga Sata’s son going through unopposed after his only challenger Goodson Banda withdrew.

Mr. Banda withdrew after his support base mainly from other ethnic regions were barred by Mulenga Sata’s people from the ethnic grouping that dominated PF.

At one stage, even PF Lusaka Province Chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe walked out in protest against the open and rampant tribalism that that characterized the elections, according to a senior PF source who attended the convention.

“All our supporters that originate from Eastern, Southern, Central, Western, North-western, parts of Copperbelt, and Lusaka province were completely barred and some beaten at Mulungushi Conference center where the meeting was taking place,” a source has disclosed.

The source said the meeting was supposed to be presided by PF elections committee chairperson Silvia Masebo, but she absconded in apparent protest as she was forewarned.

At the end of the district elections only people from one ethnic region were elected as follows

Mulenga Sata District Chairman- Bemba

Matildah Mutale District Women’s Treasurer -Bemba

Chibwe Musonda Women’s Secretary -Bemba

Mwenya Matafwali Information and Publicity Secretary- Bemba

Davidson Mulenga District Secretary -Bemba

“Can you imagine this is the current composition of our tribal party in Lusaka District as of yesterday. That is the reason our Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe always says our party PF is the most tribal party in the country. Our friends had no shame at all at the meeting in claiming that was there party. Some of us from other ethnic regions were even being challenged to either go to MMD or UPND. Can you imagine the noise they would make if such a composition was done in UPND or MMD,” sources told the Watchdog.

The source said people like Justice Minister Kabimba, who habours presidential ambitions in PF should know that these are the same executive committee that will eventually go and elect Mulenga Sata as the PF president or someone of their own.


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