Tribalism in national football



I just saw the under 20 team that has been assembled for Korea. My question is, why is FAZ segregating players from other tribes? Why are they picking plates from only 2 tribes ?

Here is the under 20 ‘national team’:

Goalkeepers: Mangani Banda (Zanaco), Samson Banda (Zesco United), James Phiri (Circuit City)

Defenders: Moses Nyondo (Nkana), Prosper Chilufya (Kafue Celtic), Benson Chali (Forest Rangers), Solomon Sakala (Kabwe Warriors), Shemmy Mayembe (Zesco United), Edward Tembo (Gomes FC)

Midfielders: Sydney Phiri (Gomes FC), Crispin Sakulanda (Mufulira Wanderers), Harrison Musonda (Nkana), Enock Mwepu (Napsa Stars), Kenneth Kalunga (IFS, Denmark),

Strikers: Emmanuel Banda (Esmoriz, Portugal), Edward Chilufya (Mpande Youth)




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    Aristide bance 11 months

    Two tribes? Unless some names are from two tribes…I see bemba names, mambwe name ( mayembe) and a bunch of eastern names which cud be chewa, tumbuka, or ngoni, a northwestern name(chali) problem in zed everything has become about seeing tribes shameful

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    kainda luwi 11 months

    pick players from all the provinces skills nd talent in football is every where, this national teams only shows who are running the country and they are trying to control everything using this two tribes, u find them as chairmen in all markets in zambia,toilet cleaning, co-operatives wen they dont evn do farming jst steal fertilizer,, that national is tribal period, lets assemble two teams from the remaining provinces to play east luapula national team, wake up other tribes lets us fight this tribulism b4 it too late no way only two tribes of the 72 can have skills nd talent utulo bambuli

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    True, people let us not bring tribalism in national issues like football. Yes others might look at it that way but let us call a spade a spade. Let us support the boys they are representing the country. Let us not bring politics in football.

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    THE PRINCE 11 months

    It is tribulistic on this?? I thought football is on merits? Give more insight with tribes. coz remember Zambians surnames does not mean someone lives in Chipata or Kasama.

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    I agree with Hangimela. I’m also Tonga and I embrace the skill 100%. You cannot balance the team for the sake of it. Skill should be the 1st factor to consider when selecting players for the National team and not tribe. Only the best should be in the national team. In order to ensure that talent is tapped in all provinces, FAZ should come up with a program of putting up soccer academies in all the provinces.

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    Ponga Liwewe 11 months

    So you want us to be using amakula just for the sake of ‘unifying the team’ ?

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    Lisimba Mukoboto 11 months

    This is confirmation that there is tribal discrimination in Zambia promoted by the Government itself. I therefore urge Simata the man who should be the Secretary General of FAZ it he has not been discriminated against to consider establishing a Football association for former North Western Rhodesia.

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    non tribal 11 months

    Hangimela you are my man

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    Maano 11 months

    Well, if football cannot balance tribes, it should at least balance Regions!

    Sport must be promoted in all Regions. We need to be conducting National selections via Nation competitions of all the ten Provinces, and selection of the National team obtained from there. Sportsmen from the urban areas be allowed to play for their Regions of origin in such selections in order to qualify to play for the National Team. Sporting is not only about winning. It is also for health reasons and national pride too. It is not only about best players: it is equally for national unity!

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    Hangimela 11 months

    I’m Tonga and I think that’s okay as long as they are Zambians and can play, for once let’s embrace the skill and not always rush to tribalism….. go zambia