Tribalism, RB and young Saviour for Zambia

By Sity Mwitu

President Rupiah Banda has been on record championing the fight against tribalism. His utterance in North Western Province on his appointment of the PS for the North Western Province does not prove that Rupiah Banda is not a tribalist. Rupiah is on record having told Easterners, the people who still hold the social secret policy of Wako ni Wako in every social, economic, religious and political undertaking of this country, in 2008 Presidential bye election, that they should chase away any presidential aspirant who did not hail from Eastern Province. If this puts Rupiah Banda to be the number one hard core tribalist; think about Michael Sata of PF and his Kasama utterance during the bye election that saw GBM elected as an MP. Have you forgotten about Hakainde Hichilema and his coming to the reigns of UPND Presidency and how he humiliated Sakwiba Sikota on the basis of tribal?

Why is that when other tribes cry foul on the evil practice of tribalism, they are called names and yet when the perpetrators of tribalism themselves seem to champion the fight against tribalism whenever it suits them no one calls them names. You don’t need be learned to know that RB is a tribalist. Look at how he has strategically reformed the MMD NEC with people from Eastern Province?

RB knows that he thrives on tribalism unless he wants to fool the foolish Southerners, the coward Westerners, the silly North Westerners, the colonized Coppers and the Centralized servants.  Tribalism is hard core in each and every sphere of human endeavour in Zambia.  Unless deliberate steps are taken to recognize the danger of this scourge in the country, Zambia is courting trouble. Tribalism is enemy number one to peace. Tribalism cannot be overcome by either rhetoric or by condemning others. This is the right time to put in place an Anti-Tribalism Commission to fight this scourge. We cannot fail to put such a commission when Zambia is endowed with Zambians that posses internationally recognized qualifications and experience in almost every field mined here on Earth. The eagle is Zambia’s symbol of its power to overcome every challenge. We can do it. If we shall be the first for the sake of peace, let it be. Zambia has always been a model and we can still be.

The pronouncements of RB regarding One Zambia One Nation apparently was a dummy to fight tribalism but in essence it was in response to the question as to why Barotseland Agreement has been omitted in the National Draft Constitution which is not going to stand the test of time. Whether RB likes or not the fact that he referred to Zambia as One Zambia One Nation means there is a history to this slogan and that history borders on Barotseland and the Northern Rhodesia as separate states before 1964. Unless someone tells me and the rest of educated Zambians that history is useless and does not exist and that UNZA has been wasting tax payers’ money by producing unwanted and useless historians, then can I accept the notion that Barotseland Agreement is now null and void or irrelevant to the modern day Zambia for it to be omitted in our highest law of the land. Historians have always argued that a nation without history is a tree without roots.  All that the learned people are saying to every concerned stakeholder is the need to nourish and cherish the history of Zambia which will give preeminence to the recognition and treatment of Barotseland Agreement in the social, economic, religious and political governance of Zambia. There is no time in the history of Zambia that the issue of Barotseland has led to the shedding of innocent blood, but this time in 2010, the spilt blood of the innocent souls are crying in the ears of God like that of Abel in the Bible. The wise will take recognizance of the matter and address the issue with the urgency it deserves, but the foolish would want to shed more blood. 2011 appears not a good year for Zambia if fools would still want to continue to choose the self destruction mode for this country by not taking heed to neutral professional advice.

I want to believe that Zambia as a nation in this 21st Century needs a pure Zambian breed born exactly in 1964 as a president in 2011. The pre 1964 generations appear to be carrying heavy excess luggage that is causing serious damage to the social, economic, religious and political fibers of this nation. God did not make a mistake to send Dr. Kaunda’s father, a Pastor to come to Zambia and settle at Lubwa Mission and out of him came Dr. Kaunda who with his colleges managed to unite the 73 plus tribes found in Zambia. God did not make a mistake to bring Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia together to form one Nation. A Moses for Zambia will only come from this post 1964 generation.

Are you one of them, stand up and be counted. We can make a difference in 2011.

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