Tribalism scares youth

Tribalism scares youth


As a youth and concerned citizen of this country, I fear for the future, I fear for my fellow young people, I fear for my young brothers and sisters, I fear for the friends I have made over the years, I do fear for this country….! I fear for what may happen if perpetrators of hurt speech and tribalism are not caged..!

My blood is cold and it even became colder when I read about what happened in Rwanda because of one tribe wanting to be more superior to the other.

I am Lozi by tribe, in fact a very much proud “mwana wapohenso” and I must mention that I have no regrets whatsoever because I never applied to be Lozi, it was all by the will and design of God.
In like manner, I am very certain, there is not even one person who applied to be born Tonga, Bemba, Nsenga, Tumbuka, Kaonde or any other tribe; we were all born in the ethnic groups we are today because God saw it fit that it be so. It is therefore disappointing to hear individuals who I would say are desperate for power and are holding key positions of influence that should be used to unite us utter words that are capable for dividing us and putting this nation ablaze

What is even more disappointing is that these people spreading hurt speech are the elite of this society, with titles like “professor”, these are people who should be role models, people we should look up to as youths for guidance and yet they are in the frontline of dividing the nation in the name of politics and gaining political mileage, ohhh, now I know that some people went to school and yet school had no impact on them, what a shame and disgrace to humanity

The tribal sentiments going round social media for the past few days have the capacity of disturbing the peace that we have enjoyed for so many years as a country, they have the capacity of erasing the phrase that we say proudly, “ ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION,” They have the capacity of planting so much hurt in the young people of different tribes for each other, if the perpetrators are not tamed, brought to book or caged, it is just a matter of time before we witness this time bomb been set brow-off

My fellow young people, let us stand, hold hands and say no to tribalism, we are one people, let us not entertain those who will not be part of the future to divide us. Tribalism is a game played by a few selfish, egocentric individuals who want to gain political mileage and they should be stopped and caged to safe guard the future. Tribalism is a cancer…! STOP IT…!


Pelekelo I mwiya

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