Tribalism talk in PF is dangerous – Rev Mwanza

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive director Pukuta Mwanza has warned that tribalism talk in the PF government is recipe for anarchy, lawlessness and civil war and should be discouraged.

Reverend Mwanza says it is for this reason that talk of tribalism surrounding the ruling Patriotic Front should be discouraged.

The PF is basically a tribal party with more than 90 per cent of current government ministers, deputy ministers, ambassadors, Permanent Secretaries, constitutional office holders, CEO of parastatals originating from one tribal grouping. The PF argue that there nothing wrong with this as other tribes only need development in their areas.

But the firing of Wynter Kabimba from government and the PF has led to the Post newspaper to start talk about this tribalism in PF.

Rev Mwanza says that anything that has to do with tribal talk should be handled cautiously because of its devastating consequences.

He says those peddling tribal talk should be very careful or risk plunging the country into very serious problems.

Reverend Mwanza said people aggrieved over perceived tribalism should seek better avenues of having their grievances sorted out.

He said that Zambia has been a united country across tribes under the One Zambia One Nation motto coined by the country’s first republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

Reverend Mwanza said it is important that the unity that has been there since independence is upheld.

Rev. Mwanza said that Zambians should always strive to unite and work in love and harmony regardless of one’s tribe or political affiliation.

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