Tribalist Bishop receives pieces of silver from Lungu

Tribalist Bishop receives pieces of silver from Lungu

Bishop For Sale @ K750000. Building the temple of God from stolen, bloody money. Where does Bishop Banda think Lungu will get  that amount of money from ? Does he own a successful company? How much is his salary ?

We told you last month that the reason Bishop Alick Banda of the Ndola Catholic Diocese distanced himself from a statement from three mother bodies on bad governance was because he is a tribalist and secondly that he invited Edgar Lungu for a fundraising venture.

True to our report last month the truth was known yesterday. Yesterday Edgar Lungu accompanied Alick Banda for a 4.2 Kilometre walk in Ndola to raise money for construction of houses to shelter priests. Edgar Lungu pledged K750000. When did the Catholic Church start receiving pieces of silver from earthly rulers? Those of us who went to Catholic schools know that it is the government that depends on the church.

Now look. Alick Banda has accepted to sell his soul at K750000. Alick Banda was walking with Edgar Lungu knowing deep inside his heart that there is tension in the country a situation he denied last month just for the sake of having Edgar Lungu help him raise money. Are these not the type of priests Our Lord Jesus called Pharisees or Foxes? Are these not the type Christ caned for turning the house of the lord into a business? When did the respected Catholics turn into the type of some Pentecostal Pastors called Christians for Lungu not for Christ? We are however comforted that knowing the Catholics, they would not allow him to form an organisation called Catholics for Lungu. They will definately excommunicate him. Alick Banda should join Frank Bwalya. Now look at how Lungu mocked the Church at the same function. Did you here what he said? Lungu said Politicians should listen to advise from the church as long as it makes sense. Does he mean that when the Church told him there was tension in the country the church never made sense? Some of us know Edgar Very well. We advise him to start using his brain to think and not Alcohol. As for Alick Banda we told you last month. Not all who say Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom of God. One thing we can guarantee is that the K750000 Lungu pledged will definately not come from his pocket but it will be money obtained through corruption. Probably from Avic or those Indians. You know them by now. Cry my Beloved Church.

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