Tribes on NRCS :Mpezeni joins other chiefs, citizens opposing Lungu

Tribes on NRCS :Mpezeni joins other chiefs, citizens opposing Lungu

Mpezeni, the Paramount chief of the Ngonis, says removing tribal identifiers from the National Registration Cards should not be entertained and tolerated.

Dictator Edgar Lungu, while on a state visit to Rwanda over a week ago, said his government is considering removing “tribe” from the NRCs to avoid tribal wars like what happened in Rwanda between the Tutsis and Hutus.

If this is implemented, it means the provision for one’s village and chiefdom would be removed from the NRCs.

But Mpezeni said a person was known by their tribe and the village.

“Tuzibika kuti uyu ochokera kwakuti kwakuti chifukwa chama reji (NRC), so icho sichingankhale bwino. Tifunika kuti tebanthu tukozibana kuti uyu ochokera kwakuti kwakuti, uyu nimutundu wakuti wakuti osati izo zakuyikapo zanyowani (we are known by where we come from through the NRC, so that suggestion cannot be good. We need to know each other that this one comes from this tribe not this new thing which they are bringing),” Mpezeni said.

He said whites were also known by their origins.

“There are Greeks, English and the like, so those suggestions cannot be entertained and should not be tolerated,” said Mpezeni.

And chief Chitungulu of Lundazi is also opposed to the suggestion of removing tribe and village from the NRC.

“That’s not a good suggestion, a person is known by name, surname, village, chief and tribe, that’s how a person can be known. So from my perspective, all the details on the NRC should remain,” said chief Chitungulu.

Mpezeni with his wife

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