Tribunal orders recount of ward votes in Chilanga

The tribunal in which UPND winning candidate Sipho Hlazo was petitioned by losing PF- candidate for nyemba ward in chilanga has ordered that a recount be done tomorrow in the presence of the legal counsel of the petitioner and the legal counsel of the respondent.

ECZ will also be present and the counting will be asisted by the Secretary of the tribunal. Then the tribunal will receive the matter on 22nd September and then the judgment will be delivered.

This is a good case to justify the presidential recount. This sanction by the magistrate tribunal to order a recount will raise questions on the inertia by the constitutional court to grant UPND a hearing as well as a possible recount. On procedural impropriety, the ECZ election was fraudulent because there were no legal documents called GEN 12 to validate the results in many parts of Lusaka.

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