Troubled Kabwe PF MPs under militia surveillance

The two Kabwe MPs Sydney Mushanga for Bwacha and James Kapyanga (Kabwe central) are living in fear of the PF militia who plan to harm them after the attempt to dethrone them was blocked on Saturday by central province PF chairman Benson Chali.

Impeccable PF sources have told the Watchdog that the MPs are however just being used as sacrificail lambs for the government’s failure to develop Kabwe.
“They are living in fear of the militia, but all in all they are just being sacrificed coz an MP does not control the treasury, it is central government to develop the town but it is just because the MPs exposed the government’s weaknesses when people demonstrated the secret relocation of ZR, it is unfair .. so Kapyanga has even stopped driving his cars in town,” said the source.

On Saturday, in an orchestrated manner at the Boma conference hall in Kabwe some members of the PF, led by central province youth chairman Paul Ngosa passed a vote of no confidence in the two MPs but Chali rejected the proposal, saying the PF in its constitution had no ‘vote of no confidence’ clause.

Sources close to the party have told the Watchdog that after the vote of no confidence bid flopped, the youths mobilised again at the same Boma hall and later resolved to use the militia system to force the MPs into resignation for having spoken against their own government during the ZR secret relocation protest by Kabwe people, which ailing dictator Michael Sata has since rubbished.

The sources also told the Watchdog that the militia was being coordinated by Kabwe DC Patrick Chisala who has been providing logistical support to them.
The same DC during youth day celebrations at Godfrey Chitalu stadium paid youths Kr1,000 to beat a named journalist from an independent publication but the youths owned up and warned the scribe not to be at the stadium.

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