Truck driver dump minor who is seeking father in Mpika

By Ernest Mwape-A 12-year-old boy from Mbala district is stranded in Mpika after a Fuso Fighter truck he was traveling in damped him along Mpika – Kasama highway because the fare he had paid was to enable him to reach Mpika.

Boaz Sikazwe who is traveling without any luggage and bare footed boarded a Fuso Fighter truck from Chambeshi where a vehicle that carried him had terminated.

Boaz, a first born in a family of four children, was traveling to Chingola to look for his father, Christopher Sikazwe where he is believed to be working in one of the shops.

Explaining his ordeal; between sobs, Boaz claimed that he left his mother, Milias Nangoma in Mbala because his stepfather was allegedly abusing him.

“I decided to leave my mother because I could not withstand the mistreatment that I were getting from my step father,” he explained between sorbs.

The boy is currently keeping up with a Good Samaritan in Kapili section of the TAZARA Township in Mpika.

He disclosed that on several occasions he and his immediate sister had complained to their mother about the misconduct of the stepfather towards them, but she could not do anything for fear of losing her marriage.

He said asked for transport money from his mother to facilitate his passage to Chingola to search for his biological father.

He claimed that immediately his mother gave him K40000 he set off on his journey and was forced to hitchhike.

He added that from Mbala he traveled to Kasama before jumping onto another vehicle that terminated at Chambeshi and then connected a Fuso Fighter truck, which dropped him by the roadside around 18:00, hours as the fare he paid had finished.

Boaz said he had to find his way to a nearby section where most residents he approached did not want to speak to him because they thought he was a Satanist.

Luckily enough, Boaz came close to a female who identified herself as Catherine Nambeye and narrated his predicament to her.

He said the same woman offered to stay with him over night and promised that she would take him to Child Protection Unit (CPU) of the Tazara Police Wing the following day.

As soon as Catherine presented the boy to CPU, the officers took him to social welfare department where he could not be assisted in anyway.

He added that at that point, Catherine told the police that she would continue looking after him until his relatives were found.

Boaz who could not remember as to when the marriage between his father and mother broke up said he was doing grade six at Chilinde Basic School in Mbala at the time he left home.

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