Truck drivers go on strike

Truck drivers go on strike



Minimum wage levels are very low. I don’t only drive. during the night I’m a security guard to insure the goods and vehicle are secured, in most companies the driver is responsible for changing types and doing the tarpaulin and above all I’m away from my family for many days but at the end of the month I receive almost nothing and the Govt is just watching

PSV Expiring period is too short and Renewing of the same PSV and belsam certificate is too expensive

Why RTSA Only accept belsam and not certificate from institutions like ITC. this is corruption.

Our safety in a foreign country. They mistreat us, do all sort of bad things you can think off killing us more especially in DRC and South Africa burning a driver live and in all this no compensation from our company or our government no say

Recognition by the Govt. We move the economy of the country but we’re the most neglected people by the Govt. No job security

We need our own ministry like in other countries. a minister of transport does not consider us. We have no representative

We are asking our President to intervene

Yours Drivers Countrywide

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