Trucks carrying pre marked ballot papers impounded in Mkushi

Trucks carrying pre marked ballot papers impounded in Mkushi





Three trucks carrying pre marked ballot papers under instructions from ECZ have been impounded in Mkushi by the UPND Members. The pre marked papers are from the Edgar Lungu Saudi Arabia  Al Aghurair printing firm and came by cargo plane in the night of Thursday.

The trucks loaded the ballots from KK airport around 01:20 on Friday immediately after the cargo plane arrived.

When interrogated the pilots refused to open the cargo on pretext that ECZ must allow to do so.

By 02:30 ECZ sent trucks to the airport to load the ballots and begun transportating them with one police escort vehicle.

It was at this point that state security informed UPND members to trail the trucks without proper registration numbers up to Mkushi.

In Mkushi, the alert UPND demanded to inspect the trucks but Police refused a move which forced the UPND Members to corner the trucks to Mkushi police.

By 23 hours local time, the trucks were at Mkushi Police post and the whole town was demanding to inspect the trucks or set them ablaze.

The ballot papers are destined for some former PF strongholds where various rigging schemes have been lined up.

The ECZ admitted that on Thursday it dispatched other trucks loaded with ballot papers at night without the knowledge of other stakeholders apart from the PF.

Chris Akufuna who speaks on behalf of the disgraced ECZ said they did not inform other stake holders because of the ‘urgency’ of the matter. What a fool.

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