‘True Bembas’ pick Nevers Mumba for 2016

‘True Bembas’ pick Nevers Mumba  for 2016

Nevers Mumba

Politicians from Chinsali district and surrounding areas are pushing for what they call a true Bemba to be next president of Zambia.

The scheme is being pushed in the former ruling party MMD.

The politicians led by MMD National secretary Richard Kachingwe have decided to back Nevers Mumba as a true Bemba and therefore, their candidate.

Sources within the core group have explained that the Chinsali politicians are of the view that no Bemba has ever ruled Zambia.

They contend that the only prominent Bembas in Zambian politics have been the second vice-president of Zambia Mwansa Kapwepwe and former Finance minister Emmanuel Kasonde.

The Chinsali group believe that people have been using the name ‘Bemba’ when they are from other tribes.

‘They say KK was from mount Mlanje or some other place in Malawi while Chiluba was from Luapula and president Michael Sata is either Bisa or from Tanzania’,  explained one person.

The Chinsali politicians have therefore identified Nevers Mumba as true Bemba and vowed that come what may, he will be the MMD candidate in 2016 or anytime the elections are called.

The ‘true Bembas’ have vowed that if Mumba is not elected MMD president and therefore candidate, another avenue will be found for him to stand and be Zambia’s next president even if it means working their way into the PF.

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