‘True Blues’ demand that all MMD presidential hopefuls should remain loyal even after losing

‘True Blues’ demand that all MMD presidential hopefuls should remain loyal even after losing


A caucus for MMD’s Rebranding and Leadership Search 

May 13, 2012                                                                                    Lusaka, Zambia



True Blue MMD is a working group of MMD founder Members who are committed to returning the party to its founding principles. We are committed to an amended MMD constitution and the introduction of two Vice Presidency positions and the electing of a credible leader to win the 2016 elections.

As MMD members, we have demanded that all Presidential aspirants commit to remaining in the MMD even if they lose the election. On this score, we are challenging Pastor Nevers Mumba to confirm or deny rumours that he plans on forming a new political party after he loses the MMD Presidency. It is alleged that when asked in one of his meetings in Southern Province about his plans should he lose the Presidency, he indicated that he would know what to do at that particular time. People from his camp have indicated that he will be forming a new political party in an event that he loses the Presidency.

We know that Pastor Mumba is capable of forming another party because he is too desperate to become President and he knows that if he loses this party election, his political career is buried for good.

We also wish to condemn Pastor Mumba’s divisive message that a Member of Parliament cannot lead the MMD as President. The MMD Presidential race has attracted legislators, including Hon. Moses Muteteka, Hon. Kapembwa Simbao, Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane, Hon. Kabinga Pande and Hon. Felix Mutati. What honestly makes Pastor Nevers Mumba to look down on these legislators and think that he is the best when he is the shortest-lived Vice President Zambia has ever produced with less than a year in office? What political experience did he gain from being Vice President for months?

MMD members know that Pastor Mumba is not in Parliament not because he does not want to but because he has never won any political election in his life time. The last time he made an attempt, he went and begged now President Michael Sata so that he could stand as the PF candidate for Chinsali Central, where he comes from but the people there rejected him and settled for his nephew Hon. Christopher Mulenga of PF. Can he tell the people of Zambia and MMD members whether his being outside parliament is by choice or a consequence of his political failure?

Lastly, we are demanding that Pastor Mumba issues a statement on the story which was carried by watchdog that the so-called “true Bemba’s” had chosen him as MMD’s next President. MMD is not and shall not have a tribalist as its Party President and the fact that he has failed to respond to the story confirms that he has failed to disown those supporting him on a tribal basis. It is shameful that in this century, there are people who aspire to lead Zambia but who are consumed by tribalism. As MMD we are saying no to tribalism and no tribalist will be allowed to become President of the MMD.


Mr. Abel Mondela- True Blues National Coordinator

Mr. Dominic Kaonda- True Blues Secretary

Cell: 0966330008

Email: [email protected]




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