True colours of our leaders

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Our Leaders True Colors
I have been following the events happening in my country with keen interest;The arrest of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, The suspension of 48 UPND MPs,The behavior of Judge Simusamba on handling Hakainde’s case,The chasing away of South Africa opposition leader maimane from Zambia,The behavior of PF president on his bid for a third term,The treatment the once noisy Chishimba Kambwili by is receiving from Illegal MMD members that have infiltrated the PF.In all these events I have only one lesson to learn.Let me just take you a little bit back and get you to preview what is going on in my mind, we once had the all powerful Wynter Kabimba who fell out of the Late Sata’s favour and was fired today Wynter is as cold as his name implies and is even referred to as a political nonentity by his friends who feared him greatly those days, I bet even my two year old son has the guts to shout and raise a finger at this cold man. Kambwili is crying foul on the treatment he is getting from his colleagues in PF and condemning them for not observing democratic principles in the party yet it is this same Kambwili who at the time he was minister promised to bring down the Watchdog and would use all his might even if it meant using CIA or FBI to get this media house to its knees. Were such threats democratic? Was Kambwili observing democratic principles? Was it democratic to threaten media houses in a democracy where media freedom is one of the principles of democracy and is a right for citizens to have access to information? Today my brother Kambwili is condemning the PF for being an democratic. Can we trust such a person by giving him another chance if he were to vy for leadership after seeing his true colors? I am not decampaigning Kambwili in any way but I’m just trying to test the criteria of purity in this leader for everyone to see.I will leave that for my beloved fellow citizens to Judge..
Here we are today with a leader who many once claimed to be humble.When the Post newspaper kept publishing Edgar’s statement which he made when he was interviewed on his vision for Zambia and he said he had no vision of his own.. Many condemned the media house, but today we can clearly see that Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu indeed had no vision for this country because instead of strategizing on revamping and resuscitating our economy he is busy wasting resources on arresting his opponents..This is the same Edgar who condemned Guy Scott for not being democratic at a time he and his supporters were denied access to state house in readiness for the convention in kabwe. We saw how Edgar used his friends to get the PF presidency through the backdoor.Today Edgar is busy scheming for a third term and I ask my fellow loving Zambians not to accept this nonsense. 48 UPND MPs have been suspended for not having attended the presidential address and this is being done so that illegal laws to favor edgar’s third term can be enshrined in our Constitution.Is this democratic and are we just going to sit and see our country fall in the see of diabetic demons? County men and women I say no to that. Now we see the true colors of these sole called humble leaders. Where is our judicialy? What has happened to our justice? We can all see that our judicialy has been compromised and there is no fair judgement anymore from this arm of government. Our legislature has become autocratic that we can say we are as good as a one party state. But let me remind our leaders that power is never for ever.Edgar may not leave to even finish his second term so let him not waste his breath fighting for a third term.Zambia has been a template to many African nations as a haven of peace please let us preserve that reputation..We now see the true colors of our leaders..
Mike Chileshe

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