‘True PF’ faction rise to reclaim their party from RB and Lungu

A faction within the PF calling itself “True PF” is allegedly mobilizing itself to reclaim their party that they believe has been hijacked by Former President Rupiah Banda and his MMD faction currently controlling ailing president Edgar Lungu.

But on his part, Lungu and the RB faction now wants to unleash law enforcement agencies such as Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and investigate economic plunder activities this group has been involved in under late President Michael Sata.

In the Intelligence, Lungu has replaced more than 80 per cent of intelligence officers left by Michael Sata with Rupiah Banda’s agents.

Sources revealed that so far a number of names have already been lined-up including Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa who now has the backing of his uncle Alexander Chikwanda, PF financier George Sokota, Nkandu Luo, lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube and Father Frank Bwalya who is looking forward to be appointed defence minister so that he can use his influence. Currently Bwalya is being maintained by well wishers as he has no income.

“These people normally meet at George Sokota’s house in New Kasama area along Leopard Hill Road almost every Sunday afternoon. They feel Lungu has completely sold their PF party to Rupiah Banda’s MMD faction even on key appointments and government contracts. In fact for Chikwanda, he might even resign for being made look foolish after Lungu reversed the mineral royalty taxes where he was hoping to raise revenues for some key government projects that were started by late Michael Sata. Things are no longer the same between Lungu and Chikwanda despite Sokota and Chikwanda having personally sponsored Lungu’s nomination fees and campaigns for PF party presidency,” sources close to the talks revealed.

The ‘True PF’ mainly from Luapula and Northern regions considers Lungu a mere caretaker president who should handover the party where it belongs, especially with his poor health now. 

“What is making matters worse is that the person holding the position of Vice-president Inonge Wina will automatically take-over the presidency or plans to impose Given Lubinda as party and republican president in case something happens due to Lungu’s poor healthy condition,” PF insiders have revealed.



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