True story about Baobab land


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True story about nyoni farm

In fact Nyimba investment title should be nullified because it came out from a fake title, Nyimba investment should explain when they came on to the ground because they are on top of the Nyoni family legacy exactly on top of Nyoni’s previous field.

If people can find out who really owns Nyimba investments, the Nyimba investments is owned by a group of big fish and some money laundering Asian who uses his money upfront.When someone buys a stolen car he looses all he spent on it or face a jointly charge,all the people that spent money on that land should be losers if the case is fairly ruled.

Most of us wish we had a judge like judge Judy for justice we need one judge in Zambia with the same spirit of judge Judy because in that land it does not belong to Nyimba investments or (NAPSA)the land belongs to the Nyoni fact that lawyer was desperately saucing money for the Nyoni’s to use on the subdivisions of the said land and demacations,in fact the Nyoni’s are offering to give back some of the land to the government which was taken by bores caused by the colonial error where bores got free land pricelessly and ‘resold back the land to Zambians at exorbitant prices and later fraudulent reclaimed compensation on the same land which they had previously sold to a black man discriminating the black man for his own rights and sweat over the same land

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