True summary of National Dialogue Forum resolutions

True summary of National Dialogue Forum resolutions



Today we shall focus on the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) resolutions.

1. They want a coalition government. Meaning somebody knows they won’t get 50 +1. So if PF has 47% and MMD has 4 percent.. They will form government..
2. Reduce campaign period from 3 months to 60 days. Now who reaches 117 districts in 60 days? They obviously targeting to weaken opposition
3. Increase Presidential petition days. Just incase they loose, it’s enough time to negotiate with a coalition partner
4. Appoint deputy ministers.. They will use these as campaign machines and offer these seats to opposition MPs to weaken opposition
5. Parliament shall only dissolve on the date of general elections. Meaning ministers will continue to have campaign machinery from government resources to further weaken the opposition

Now is this the state of a true Christian Nation? Can’t you see evil and a very insatiable thirst for power in this? National dialogue or raping the constitution? Any laws targeted at individuals never stand.. Remember the case of Chiluba and Archie Mactribouy?? Posterity will judge us dear brothers…this is not right by any means

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