Trying to hide constitution

The release of the Zambian Constitution to the public could not have come at the right time than this and government and President Sata should actually be commending the Zambian Watchdog than sending threats of treason, sedition and other stupid offenses. Why do we say so? The answer is simple.

There was mounting tension in the country especially the Civil Society Organisations (CSO) including Church mother bodies.

But because Sata is holed up in State House and relies on ‘intelligence’ briefs from his relatives and uneducated party cadres like Judge Ngoma and George Chellah’s girlfriends, he was and still does not know what amount of pressure was building over the constitution.

This country was going to be ungovernable. There was a possibility of serious civil unrest a situation that could have seen the Tom and Jerry, Cat and Mouse between the Citizens and the PF Zambia Police headed by Stella Libongani.

Zambians have been cheated enough on the enactment of the new constitution. In 2011, those who were gullible saw hope in a professed, staunch Catholic Michael Chilufya Sata and gave him a vote believing that he would give them a new constitution within 90 days.

90 days passed long time ago and there was no sign of a new constitution in sight.

As patriotic Zambians we had no option but to help answer the prayers of the many people who spent money to print T-shirts and gather for a day of prayer for the new constitution.

No one can claim that they love Zambia more than we do. People must draw a difference between a government, a transient thing and the country on the other hand. Governments come and go and one can either chose to support it or not. But the county will be here forever and one has no choice but to love their country.

We have never hidden our thoughts on the PF regime and its leadership. We, based on careful considerations, are of the opinion that PF is a curse to Zambia. Even if you allowed PF to rule Zambia for 50 years, nothing will improve in the country. The only things that would be happening are the same ordinary things that could have happened no matter who was president. Mending roads for example has been happening even under Fredrick Chiluba.

Even if Amos Malupenga were the president, certain things like grading roads would still go on. But if you are thinking of coordinated development; the type that takes thinking and planning, then you are wrong. Sata and his friends have no capacity to think. Are they not the ones who have just been borrowing money like an irresponsible father? You haven’t seen ‘nothing’ yet.


What is treasonable about accessing a country’s constitution? Why should drafting a constitution be a state secret? We though a constitution is a public document?

What stupidity is this coming from the highest office of the land? Is our President sane? He appointed the Technical Committee to Draft the Constitution and instructed it to quickly draft the constitution and release it to him and the members of the public at the same time.

So why the fuss? Those were the terms of reference.

All the Zambian Watchdog did was to help Sata fulfil the terms of reference, one of them which was “give me a copy and the same time the owners being the Zambians”

Who owns the constitution is it him?

We challenge President Sata and his mouthpiece George Chellah to take the matter to court. At least to the High Court where we know some levels of integrity still remain and see whether it is illegal to fulfill the terms of reference or whether it is illegal to know your country’s constitution.

What we would like to promise Sata is that no document that we feel is of public interest will be hidden.

We shall fish them out even they are under his table.

Mr Sata, we know you have the latest Auditor General Report on your table which is now a public document.

Tell us if there has been increase in un-receipted money or not. How come it has increased from K70 billion in 2011 to K200 billion in 2012? How come there is an increase in projects that have not been properly procured from K 200 billion in 2011 to over K 500 billion in 2012?

Who was the President in 2012? Is it not that your son Mulenga that has been involved in these projects together with Levi Zulu of Zulu Burrow and Company? Is it not your son together with Joseph Mwelewa of Alsphalt Roads Zambia who aredoing that unadvertised Airport expansion project to the tune of K360 billion?

Will you slap us with treason charges if we expose the Auditor General report that is a public document?

If the answer is yes then go and arrest the Auditor General herself. On the constitution you go and arrest the person who promised 90 days and the person who appointed the technical committee. In short arrest yourself.

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