Tshabu Benos sentenced to death

Tshabu Benos sentenced to death

Lusaka High Court has convicted Tshabu Benos, 38, of killing her boyfriend Revees Malambo, 48, using a knife.

The court has handed down a death sentence to Ms Tshabu Benos.


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    Tintalicious 2 weeks ago

    Zambia where Murderers are given progressive of mercy after some time,may God judge each one according to their work.Continue Resting in Peace ✌ bro Reeves

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    chalo bantu 2 weeks ago

    the Mukula Tree PF big dealers who sent her to kill Malambo are free and enjoying life! hope she cashed in alot of money from PF big Mukula dealers and left some to her parents after killing him!

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    Nsele Nsele 2 weeks ago

    Am sure Mukobeko prison warders are anxiously waiting for this cute lady,,,,, Just thinking…anyway too cute to be jailed but justice has prevailed. RIP Reeves.