Tshiabu Benos found with case to answer in murder of Malambo

Tshiabu Benos found with case to answer in murder of Malambo

The Lusaka High Court has found businesswoman Tshiabu Benos with a case to answer in a case she is accused of murdering Autoforce proprietor Reeves Malambo early this year.

This is a matter in which Benos, 38, is charged with murdering Mr Malambo, 48, on January 29 this year at her house in Ibex Hill.
Delivering ruling after the prosecution team closed its case yesterday, High Court judge-in-charge Getrude Chawatama said she was satisfied that the prosecution team had established a prima facie (case) against Benos.

Earlier, an assistant superintendent testified that Tshabu Benos told him that her fight with Reeves Malambo was over his failure to pick up phone calls and going home late.

Edward Kabwe, who is also an officer-in-charge of the scenes of crime unit, testified that Benos told him that Malambo accused her of having affairs with other men out of insecurity.

He told the court that Benos claimed Malambo had gotten a dagger from the pantry in her bedroom and threatened to killer.

Kabwe also testified that Benos stated that she stabbed Malambo during the struggle for the dagger.

Kabwe said Beno’s brother, Mumba Mutanuka, also demonstrated how the deceased rushed out of the bedroom after being stabbed.

He said Mumba told him that when his niece mentioned that Benos and Malambo were fighting, he did not take her seriously because it was not anything new.

Kabwe also told the court that Mumba said when he went to Beno’s bedroom, he heard a noise and someone trying to open the door.

Kabwe narrated that when Mumba opened the door, Malambo rushed to his car whilst calling for help that he be taken to the hospital.

Kabwe recalled that Mumba told him that when he noticed that Malambo was weak and had blood stains on his back, he ordered his sister Benos to use her car and rush him to the hospital.

Kabwe further recalled that Benos cried throughout the scene reconstruction session and looked helpless.

According to a crime scene investigation officer Victor Shamapango, he recorded Benos and Mutanuka demonstrate how Malambo was allegedly stabbed on camera.

Meanwhile, Benos’ arresting officer Patrick Changwe told justice Gertrude Chawatama that the deceased sustained a deep cut on his back.

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