Tutwa Ngulube rejected by PF, cries foul

¶Tutwa Ngulube, the current PF MP for Kabwe central has been rejected by the party. That party has adopted someone else to stand as its candidate in the forthcoming elections.

But Tutwa has cried  foul, wants interviews of Kabwe Central Constituency results nullified.

The loud mouth and overzealous but generally ignorant Tutwa Ngulube is also the PF government deputy chief whip. He is one of the senior PF officials advocating to shut down social media in Zambia.


We once advised Tutwa Ngulube that he will leave the Watchdog where he found it when he joined public life. It looks like the count down for his downfall has began and the bell is tolling very loudly.

We actually know that it won’t be long before Tutwa realises that he needs us, especially when he is behind bars.

As usual, we are only saying.

In case the overzealous but foolish man has not yet fully understood what has just happened, we shall spell it out for him here and now.

It is an insult, a vote of no confidence in you when your club refuses to adopt you for next elections when you are the incumbent.

Blaming those miserable party officials in Kabwe for voting you out is usual naivety, failing to read the situation. The truth is that you have been rejected by senior officials of the PF including those at State House.

If you can’t see this, then you really are a moron. This goes for all ministers and serving MPs who have not been adopted including those like Given Lubinda who are trying to play smart. You have been rejected by those you thought were your saviours. Finito.

In life sir, never place all your hopes on that which is born of a woman.


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