Tutwa Ngulube: they plan to expel me on Friday

Tutwa Ngulube: they plan to expel me on Friday

“They are gathering to expel me,”- Tutwa Ngulube cried

Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Mgulube says the District leadership has called for a meeting to propose to the central Committee to expel him.

A similar meeting has been called to deal with Bahati member of Parliament Harry Kalaba.
Both Tutwa and Harry Kalaba have recently issued critical statements against their party, the rise of corruption in government and its poor leadership!

Tutwa Ngulube wrote;

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than other” George Orwell in his book Animal farm.

1. WHILE churches are banned from meeting and the public gatherings are suspended including issuance of National registration services, a public gathering has been planned for Friday at 14 hrs in the boma hall to expel an MP. As usual no police permit sought. No ministry of health clearance.

The writing is on the wall.

2. We passed a law to ban bye elections but people are calling for bye elections.
What went wrong.

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