TVTC withholding students results

Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College (TVTC) which is affiliated to CBU and UNZA, has gained its credibility over the years for producing highly trained and quality teachers in Zambia. Located on the Copperbelt province, in a small town called Luanshya, TVTC attracts and trains teachers from all corners of the country.
However, over the past two years TVTC has developed a propensity of holding on to students’ certificates for a longer period than expected. The college holds its annual graduations once a year in July but things have changed since 2018. We are saddened to see this college lose its credibility and favor from students because it has become incautious and its performance has really become cumbersome. We are not pleased to disregard or to discredit the institution but they have left us with no choice but to speak out and seek intervention from you. We wrote our exams last year in December, 2019 and it has been nine months since then. We are surprised that the college is still holding on to our certificates and they are not informing us when precisely we are going to graduate. We are languishing jobless in society because TVTC is holding on to our most important credentials and we cannot look for jobs without them. Other highly known institutions like CBU and UNZA had their virtual graduations in recent weeks but TVTC is just silent and we don’t know when we are going to have our graduation.

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