We are dying of hunger, Chief Chitina tells veep Inonge Wina

Chief Chitina of the Lala people of Mkushi district has told Vice President Inonge Wina that his chiefdom is facing serious hunger due to poor agriculture system under the PF government. Ideally Mkushi is supposed to be the bread basket of Zambia owing to the presence of many commercial farmers there.

The traditional leader told Wina that the PF has killed agriculture in the area due to late delivery of inputs and late payments for their produce. Some of the small scale farmers have not been paid for their 2014/2015 agricultural produce supplied to government while to date no one has received any in puts for the 2015/ 2016 season. He also said the K450 per 50 Kg bag of fertiliser was beyond the reach of the farmers.

He said because of the non delivery of inputs, most farmers have not cultivated their fields and that there will even be more severe hunger next year. He has appealed for quick delivery of relief food. Just early this week, PF MP for Kapiri Mposhi Eddie Musonda also appealed for relief food owing to the famine that has broken out in his constituency.

Early this year, Wina opposed President Edgar Lungu’s decision to export maize to the hunger hit Zimbabwe. She warned that the country would be hit with hunger but Lungu rubbished her warning and went ahead to supply several tonnes of maize to Zimbabwe as gratification for Mugabe’s role in his January victory.

Wina who was in Mkushi yesterday just a week after Lungu visited the area could not promise the traditional leader of any intervention through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) which is under her office.  Last month, first lady Esther Lungu was also in the area and was told about the hunger situation.

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